What is GAUSS?

GAUSS (GAs-dynamics with UnStructured meshes and Scalability) is a Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) – Particle in Cell (PIC) software that models gases using collisions, chemistry, electric field effects and gas-surface interactions. The applications include;

  • Space Propulsion using Chemical and Electric Propulsion

  • Aerothermodynamics/Hypersonic Flows

  • Plasma Processing

  • Thermal Non-Equilibrium


Novel Approach

GAUSS makes use of novel computational approaches for enhanced performance and accuracy;

  • 3D Representation – of the computational domain with octree AMR meshes for higher spatial resolution

  • High Performance Computing – Runs with a single processor or in parallel using MPI on distributed memory platforms

  • Meshing – Octree adaptive refinement mesh (AMR)

  • User Friendly Platform – Employs python framework for automatization, XML input files

  • Different and Multiple Thrusters – Able to model arbitrary configurations for multiple thrusters or swarm satellite formations

  • Visualization – Support for VTK data format to be used with Paraview and Visit

  • High Fidelity Physical Modeling – Complex gas-surface interactions, species weighting factors, statistics

  • Custom Geometries – Immersed body modeling using multiple formats

Electric and Chemical Propulsion

Space Vehicle Re-Entry


Plasma Processing