Computational Fluid Mechanics

Expertise in wide range of CFD applications;

  • Subsonic – General purpose aircraft/Unmanned Air Vehicles

  • Transonic – Rotorcraft Applications

  • Supersonic/Hypersonic – Fighter Jets/Rockets/Reentry vehicles

A family of solutions are present using in-house developed software or enhanced open source software capabilities for complex and computationally demanding problems in diverse areas such as;

  • High speed
  • Plasma
  • Low density
  • Termal non-equilibrium
  • Multi-scale
  • Multi-phase
  • Surface Chemistry
  • Radiation

Dynamics and Control Systems

Dynamic modelling of complex systems. Rotor dynamics, aerodynamic modelling of fixed wind rotary wing aircraft. Control System design and development

  • Rotorcraft Modelling

  • Control System Design and Development

  • UAV Design 

For air and space vehicles(Helicopter, Airplane, UAV, Satellites, Rockets, etc.),

  • Flight dynamics modeling,
  • Modeling to simulation environment,
  • Design, developments and optimization of autonomous flight control systems,
  • Detailed aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics and flight dynamics.

Space Applications

Expertise in space applications include;

  • Space Mission Design

  • Space Propulsion

  • Space Environment Quantification

In house developed and open source software capalities are present suited for problems such as;

  • Preliminary mission design
  • Propulsion plume effect and interaction
  • Contamination
  • Electrical charging

Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification

Novel Optimization techniques using High Performance Computing techniques and supply answers to questions such as;

  • Optimization

  • Sensitivity Analysis

  • Uncertainity Quantification

  • Calibration

The developed capabilities offer solutions to applications necessitating features such as;

  • Parameter Studies
  • Shape optimization
  • Multiple constaints/goal function problems
  • Response Surface Generation
  • Adaptive Sampling